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The Smart Secure Sanitizer Box


Back in 2017, threats linked to the use of an USB mass storage device were among the top 3 risks of cybersecurity.

What for

To protect the sensitive assets of your Information System against malwares, viruses, bad data import or data leakage.


The S3Box allow to analyse, filter, authenticate and to use safely any USB-compatible mass storage device

Hogo's S3Box

The Hogo’s S3Box is a USB white station, allowing to decontaminate and secure data coming from unsafe USB devices before entering a sensitive Information System.

The following functions are performed to secure the input data:

  • Data files filtering (allowed extension, MIME type, PGP  or PKI signatures)
  • Data files anti virus scanning (multiple Antivirus-Antimalware engine)
  • USB Filtering (selection of authorised devices with Whitelisting/Blacklisting)
  • Advanced user reporting (events, scan results)
Different harware versions of the S3Box exist, from a ultra-mobile 5 inches format to a 22 inches kiosque (including custom video display for CyberSecurity awareness), including intermediate 8 inches (see picture below) and 15 inches versions.

With the S3Box, Hogo is willing to obtain the highest security level: it is currently seeking ANSSI’s First Level Security Certification (CSPN, in progress).

Concerning your data, the song remains the same: The S3Box guarantee that there is no peristance of user data, and no modification of source usb devices.

Signature of files after their verification allows the S3Box to certify that data isn’t corrupted.

Our Smart Security Sanitizer “S3” Box is an unique solution to :
  • Protect of sensitive Information System against infected USB keys :
    • S3BOX can protect your Information System against malicious usb peripherals,
    • Import data in your sensitives workstations without connecting an external USB key directly,
    • Scan and filter your input data with up to 5 anti-virus softwares and MIME / PGG / PKI controls,
    • Use only yours corporate keys -unique device ID filtering- respecting your security policy,
  • Avoid information leakage or the entrance of any unauthorized data in your system
Technical characteristics :
  • Hardware specs:
    • Exists with 8″ (rugged tablet, IP67), 15″ (kiosque) or 22″ (totem) format
    • up to 128Go of storage for your data transfers
  • System specs:
    • Linux OS heavily hardened
    • HBS home-cooked application software – currently entering the CSPN certification process
  • Easy integration in your environment (no driver)
  • Possible customization (others antimalware, specific industrial mime format)
  • Always included – 1 year full support including updates

Take a look at the S3box_brochure (en) for more information about this product.


Example of the 8 inches (rugged tablet, IP67) version:


Example of the 15 inches (touchscreen computer) version:
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